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Operating Metrics Surveys

The primary objective of the Operating Metrics Survey is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of critical operational areas of management within your industry.

The statistics in an Operating Metrics Report can assist in gauging the performance of your company's manufacturing operation. The bottom line measure of success is, of course, profit. The question then becomes which strategic benchmarks analyzed in this report lead to higher profitability?

This survey provides a detailed review of the following areas:

  • General information - sales volume, product categories, customers served.
  • Operations - design & engineering, age profile of equipment, machine utilization, purchasing.
  • Quality - customer requirements, ISO certification, inspection procedures, on-time performance.
  • Sales profile - sales forecast, order backlog, markets served.
  • Organization - employees by job function, employee training, employee outreach programs.
  • Safety - incidence rates of work-related injuries.
  • Insurance - annual premiums & rate increases for auto, product liability & healthcare.

Operating Metrics Report

Data is presented for the "typical" company, by sales volume category, and line of business. An analysis of variance providing the range of common experience for all applicable measures is also included in this report.