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Seminars have been an important focus of Mackay Research Group for over fifteen years. Some of the most popular topics include:

Pathways to Profitability

Businesses need some guideline through today's turbulent times. This session will review the results of your industry's profitability performance, with particular emphasis on separating high profit performance from typical profitability in the industry. Pathways to Profitability covers how to enhance return on investment by pushing the critical profit pressure points in your company.

A Financial Performance Report is an analysis of the financial performance of your industry, including the income statement, balance sheet, and key financial ratios. Topics covered in this session include how to increase sales without increasing expenses, the economics of gross margin improvements and the essentials of inventory control. Take away an understanding of the key factors that influence profitability in the industry and reasons why the high profit firms have become more successful.


Many distributor owners are looking for an approach to make branch managers more accountable for bottom line responsibility, but they are unsure how to achieve that goal. Branchising lays out a systematic method to determine what a branch's bottom line should be and how the branch manager should be compensated for improving that bottom line.

Branchising is a structured methodology of empowering the company's branches to operate more like franchises. The message to the branch managers is "Make it your business." In the process, branches perform as profit centers. Branch managers also have more strategic latitude and incentive.

Same ROI, Different Paths

How Manufacturers & Distributors Make Money

Both manufacturers and distributors have Return On Investment (ROI) goals. This program examines how manufacturers and distributors differ in their method to achieve equivalent, comparative ROI.

Business owners, whether it is a manufacturing business or a distribution business, are focused on company performance sales, gross margin, inventory turnover, and ultimately the bottom line. Customers or suppliers, however, tend to focus on their own results. The way the manufacturers reach their ROI goal and the way the distributors reach their ROI goal however are very different. Distributors and manufacturers need to better understand each other's financial pressure points in order for both groups to be successful.

Profit Is Everybody's Business

In many businesses, top management has a clear understanding of how to improve results. However, the further down in the organization, the less understanding there is.

Business owners are focused on company performance sales, profitability, market share. Employees, however, tend to focus on their own performance compensation, health care and retirement benefits, and job security.

In order for your company to move forward, you need to move from a "me" to "us" mentality. Therefore to progress to a total firm commitment to profit improvement, the essentials of profitability must be understood by all managers and by key operation employees. This session translates financial planning into highly specific actions for individual employees.

We consistently receive outstanding ratings because we adhere to three fundamental criteria in all of our programs:

  1. All programs are customized to your industry.
  2. The programs are practical, with action-oriented concepts that you can apply immediately.
  3. Each program is developed and presented by a knowledgeable, experienced professional who is familiar with your industry.